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About project | International Youth Meetings Center

About project

Title of the project: : International Youth Meeting Center in Toruń

The project is listed on the Indicative List of Major Projects of Regional Operational Programme of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship for 2007-2013: Priority 6. “Support of tourism development” Action 6.2. “Development of tourist and spa services”.

Completion Deadline: 2010-2014

Financial data:

  • The entire value of the project is 21 929 432,01 zł, 60% of which, that is 13 157 659,20 zł, is subsidized from RPO WK-P Regional Operational Programme of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, and the remaining amount of 8 771 772,81 zł (40%) is the contribution of the city of Toruń.
  • July 2, 2008 – a pre-contract was signed between Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship and Toruń’s municipal commune for the “Międzynarodowe Centrum Spotkań Młodzieży w Toruniu” project.
  • June 30, 2010 – Appendix No. 1 was added to the pre-contract.
  • June 29,2011 – Toruń’s municipal commune applied to Kujawsko-Pomorskie Marshal’s Office for a subsidy of the project.
  • According to Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Government’s resolution No 63/1328/11 of Novmber 2, 2011, the project was approved for subsidy.  
  • November 29, 2011 – an agreement about subsidizing the project was signed.

Main operations:

  • performing a full renovation and conversion of parts of the post-industrial building, the so-called “Rychter Mill” or “Toruń Mills,”
  • purchase of fittings,
  • training of the Struga Toruńska river including the renovation of bridges on the flow,
  • demolition of workshop buildings due to their poor technical condition (contemporary erected buildings without any historical value).

The venture includes the creation of:

  • touristic accommodation which will contain lodgings and accompanying equipment, as well as additional services (tourist information office, administrative services, souvenir shop), whose task is to serve the tourism movement, especially organized groups of youth and children from Poland and abroad;
  • catering services which will provide the tourists with all-day nutrition, as well as provide location where meals can be made by guests themselves;
  • recreation and sports center which, among others, will consists of: a) rooms designed for spending free time together, such as: audio-visual room, game room, day-care room, internet café; b) multifunctional sports hall which will function as a theater-music hall, as well as a gym (as needed); c) rental facility of tourist and sports equipment (including bicycles).

 Wi-fi is available in all space of IYMC.

The main mission of MCSM is to conduct active international exchange of children, school and academic youth from all over the world, supporting the process of European integration, developing and promoting active leisure and tourism among youth, as well as promoting the region as the place of meetings of different cultures and nations.